Online Video and eBook Price: $9

"I see a lot of possibilities behind this great idea!" 

InstaPsychic 2.0 s a practical and simple method in the world of Phone Mentalism that will give you the opportunity to force ANY photo using ANY borrowed phone.

A hands-off procedure that doesnt rely on IOS or special software updates.

Natural handling
You can use it for mindreading or predictions
No gimmicks, no special apps

Just open any Instagram Username (your own, your participant´s one, etc), let the participant scroll and select one while the phone is face down, and no matter what happens, you will always get the photo that you want.

No extra handlings after the participant free decisions!

In the Online Video you will learn the core method and in the eBook you will get extra ideas and subtleties.

InstaPsychic is a really clever utility principle that I know I will use. It feels like the kind of boldness that Annemann would come up with if he lived in the age of iPhones & Instagram!
Joe Diamond

There are various methods to force images in Instagram. Insta-Psychic is a great example of how sometimes simple methods are the best ones. With some thinking, this can be applied to other apps and should stand the test of time when the app or operating system is updated
Mauricio Jaramillo

Fantastic method!
InstaPsychic is everything I love in a solid working performance piece. It's handoffs, nearly self working and has the proper failsafes built in to never leave you with your pants down!  
Highly recommended!"
Jacob Smith

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